What's a bullsh*t job?

What do you do for a job? Does that question make you recoil in embarrassment or drift off into a cloud of disinterestedness? Could this be because what you do for a living does not reward you with a sense of having meaningfully contributed to society? If the answer to all of the above is yes, well...you could have a case of a bullshit job!

A bullshit job is not just about liking or not liking what you do. It’s not even about those jobs where you feel you are being exploited (of which there are many). The strange phenomena of bullshit jobs is that they are often quite well paid and support a very comfortable lifestyle. But when put under the spotlight, it becomes clear that they exist in a space of activity that has no real connection to value. Put simply, a bullshit job is not doing stuff that needs to be done, its doing stuff that doesn’t need to be done. This matters to everyone. It’s matters because it’s represents the current state of the world, in which we are not being provided with meaningful and sustaining roles in society, but rather are increasingly being employed to prop up an economic system that is failing us. On the one hand, we have the ever expanding hierarchical realm of layer upon layer of managerial and sub-managerial bullshit jobs, and on the other hand we have the ever expanding precarious world of zero hour contracts, low pay and unemployment. Two sides of the same coin.

This website is is firstly a link to the work of David Graeber, the author of ‘On Bullshit Jobs’ and the main theorist behind all the above ideas. But more importantly, it exists as the beginning of what will be an expanding space to inform and engage with people everywhere who are feeling lost and alienated by the world of work.

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